Find your passion and you will never work a day in your life.

Assalam-O-Alaikum. I am Iftikhar uddin, a Software Engineer and Full Stack Web Developer. Today I will share some tips about career which I have faced in my life and I hope someone may get help from my experience.

First of all one thing I am going to focus on is Passion ! Passion is 7 letter words which makes our life beautiful, successful and of type which we would never regret in the whole life and I bet you will be happy if you try to learn the real meaning of passion. In our generation, the problem is they get inspired so quickly from films, and shit ideas… they define passion and love for work in some manners which are just limited to a character.  But let me tell you the definition or definitions of passion which I have learnt from my experience, mentors and teachers.
  •         Passion is something which kicks you out of time and space 
  •         Passion is when you work 18 hours a day and you are not tired.
  •         Passion is work which will make your inner happy.

You may be thinking that I am trying to be a philosopher, but the fact is without passion your career is nothing. If you haven’t found a passion and you are trying to get a job you are just wasting your precious time nothing else. You may have noticed some people they said oh again Monday, let me tell you they don’t hate Monday they just hate their jobs. And the reason behind that hate is they haven’t spent time on finding their passion, otherwise they would never regret. So, I hope it is crystal clear now that how to find your passion. If still confuse read the above 3 definitions again and you will find your passion easily.

Now once you find out your passion, the game begins.  Now in your field about which you are passionate you will find to many routes. Again there you will see many fields which will surely confuse you. Take example of Information Technology field, when you get into it there are hundreds of fields, you will face many problems and will be confused for long time in this thinking that where to go and which field to select. In case of IT field one will say Go for Software Development, some will say no go for web development BUT the critical point here is DO research not just act on blind advices ! Suppose I love web, I will surely preach about web BUT you are blessed with mind ! You have to think too, you have to do research about the field you gonna jump into. Because in the near future, you will be responsible for your decision. So in simple words take advices BUT do research yourself to, so once you completely get satisfied about a field…. There you’ll meet your perfect and pure passion. This will be the passion which will not bore you, this passion will then let you work 18 hours a day. And believe me you will never get tired and bore, you always will be happy and won’t regret it.

First when i started Software Engineering, I was totally blind about these facts. When I came to know the there is a huge ocean in Software Field, I was stuck and was totally upset that what to do ? Which field to select. But one day I grab my laptop and started research my self, I googled about different fields related to Software Engineering. I asked the people who were in the market, I contacted them one by one. I collected a lot of precious advises, then again I studies that and again did a lot of research on YouTube, Google, and Forums. And finally I found my passion in Web, now I professionally I am Software Engineer but by passion I am Full Stack Web Developer, and you know this just makes me a happiest person in the world. You may be thinking that what the heck I am talking blah blah. BUT believe me once you get into this world you will get it. Another thing skills has price but passion is priceless.